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Thanks to a very hardworking Executive Board on our milestone achievements of being granted an NPO approved in July, 2015, for hosting the Small Business expo for five years in a row that was very well attended, being flexible and open to partnerships the Cayman Islands Government and the Chamber of Commerce through a tripartite agreement.


Now through tirelessly searching for our very own brick and mortar location, where we will deliver an excellence based small business center. This center of excellence in facilitating free workshops, business consulting and events all geared to small businesses is intended for budding entrepreneurs, exiting small business owners and persons thinking about starting a business.


As a small business owner -it starts with a thought---followed by will --­ lots of curiosity and tenacity to see it through to reality. AND the Cayman Islands Small Business Association is intended to assist our  Caymanians in every phase of starting, growing and running a business.


Following form submission payment can be made by
ETF Cayman National Bank Account 011-14474 Checking.

Review our official local company laws.

Trade & Business Laws For The Cayman Islands

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Voice for Small Business


Believe in the power of Information Sharing


Provides Events and Programs to elevate business skills


Workshops both in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac

More Benefits

The Small Business Expo is in its 5th year allowing small businesses to showcase their products and services at the lowest booth cost on island


Allows the Government to provide turn key Services and realize efficiency by partnering with us


And finally, key Networking Opportunities to leverage small businesses reach
and community

Benefits of CISBA membership
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